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Chris Hooker

I got my start fresh out of school in 1989 in the Financial Services Industry with Great Western Bank. Managing a local office for 8 years, one of the things I was responsible for was setting up large scale financing plans for furniture, appliances and home furnishing with stores in SE TN/NW GA. We were advertising "interest free/zero” financing plans for the purchase of these items. One of the things I quickly realized was that the age-old saying was true; "there’s no such thing as free”. This and other tactics of large financial institutions truly bothered me. I didn’t care much for it, nor the aggressive collection and sales that followed.
What I did enjoy though, was getting people "out of debt” by using essentially the "only real tool” most average people have…their homes. I realized that people had a false sense of trust in these large companies and outside of winning the lottery, no real way to get out of this "trap”. People were "programmed” through advertising to look at certain things, ignore other more ominous realities. I enjoyed showing them how to "beat the system”; soon….I was going throughout the southern US showing others how to do exactly what I was doing.
In March of 1997 using money saved during the previous 8 years, I opened First American Equity Corp. in Cleveland TN. We’ve operated throughout the seven major southern states, helped thousands of local families get out of this "trap” and weathered the financial meltdown of the financial industry. In September of 2010, First American Equity changed its name to iServe Residential Lending by joining iServe’s national financial network to offer the same local service but with larger scale financial products.
I am married to Tanya, we have three daughters, reside in Cleveland TN, attend First Baptist church. If you would like our family to help your family, you have come to the right place.

Executive V.P. / Division Manager
National: 10094
Ext 20

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