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Grant Wright

Hi! My name is Grant Wright and I am happy you are reading a little bit about me. This means I will hopefully get to know you as well. I grew up in a small town without a stoplight in rural Damascus, Virginia. During high school and college I worked at a local bicycle shop that services the Virginia Creeper trail. In that job I met many different people from many different areas. This experience is where I realized I enjoyed meeting and getting to know people from all walks of life. My family and I traveled a great deal during the summers growing up. Both my parents were school teachers so my sister and I had the opportunity to do our best "Griswold” impersonations traveling to see family in Missouri every summer, along with seeing a great deal of the lower 48. My love for travel still exists today and I share that with my longtime girlfriend Amber. She has persuaded me to go many places I would not have normally went. Including convincing me to hike 4 days to the summit of Machu Pichu in Peru last summer, a trip I will never forget.

My professional work history began after graduating college I went into manufacturing over 9 years ago and quickly switched into the finance industry. Over the past 8 years I have been a branch manager at a consumer finance company, and a credit union along with various other management positions. I have many years’ experience underwriting and approving all types of loans. My passion for getting to know people and drive to assist them to improve their socioeconomic situation is the reason I love this field so much. I am proud and excited to work at iDirect with so many great people here. I look forward to meeting you and assisting with you and your family’s financial needs.

National: 1703487
TN: 189769
GA: 68400
AL: 73623
Ext: 60

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iDirect Home Loans was established in September 2010. Chris "Chip" Hooker, prior owner of First American Equity Corp. for 14 years, joined iDirect to better service our customers.

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